Kenda Summers & Stelly the Golden Entrancer

The Journey Beyond your Imagination Show offers a fun, mystical and hilarious performance; creating both laughs and exclamations of “No Way” over and over again, long after the show has ended. Kenda Summer’s interactive format allows audience members the opportunity to enjoy the show from their seats or come up on stage as a volunteer and be part of the fun, up close and personal. She has mesmerized and hypnotized people in small intimate settings or in front of large audiences where over 1000 people were in attendance to catch the performance. She was even the featured entertainment for two beauty pageants.

She has been involved in the Entertainment Industry since 2008. She has performed at Casinos, Corporate Events, Theaters and Fairs and Festivals all over North America. Mind magic is her thing, along with making people laugh and feel good about themselves.

Being one of the few female Mentalists in the World, Kenda put’s on a dynamic show with the rare ability to appeal to any audience, any size; with her class, charm and witty sense of humor.

She is also the only Mentalist that works with a K-9. Stelly the Golden Entrancer is a Golden doodle pup and she performs routines alongside Kenda.

As a Mentalist she uses ESP and relies upon a deep understanding of body language, behaviors and psychology to create powerful feats and make predictions, where more often than not she is correct. Her act will leave you wondering how did she do that, over and over again.

When you hire these two, you are getting “More than a Show and Nothing less than Amazing!”.