Mitch Williams

MITCH WILLIAMS is a multi-talented, world-class contemporary magical performing artist and inspirational speaker with credits in six countries on three continents. He has won several national and international performing awards, is considered an expert at sleight of hand, and is also an accomplished artist, athlete, and authority on creativity, peak performance, and human potential. He brings this wide variety of talents, skills, and expertise to his work, making his programs among the most original and innovative in his field.

Mitch thrives on bringing his diverse abilities to bear on finding creative solutions to meet or often exceed his clients’ expectations. He specializes in creating unique, customized event entertainment and speaking programs that are designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual client.

Mitch has developed a reputation among his peers throughout the world as a unique and highly talented entertainer. He’s known as a “magician’s magician”, and his performing awards include the International Brotherhood of Magicians Stage Award of MeritBill Baird Award of Excellence in Sleight of HandI.B.M. Gold Medal Finalist, Society of American Magicians Stage Award and Gold Medal, and the Ben Chavez Memorial Trophy for Proficiency in Sleight of Hand. He’s appeared as a featured artist at numerous large regional and national “magic conventions” in Japan, Europe, and throughout the United States, and he has conducted in depth seminars for magic enthusiasts throughout the country on “how to approach magic as an actual art form”, all to rave reviews.

As an entertainer, Mitch has gained years of experience performing across this country and around the globe, for venues as diverse as television, cruise ships, revue shows, nightclubs, theatres, conferences, and corporate events. For more than twenty years, Mitch has used his unique and memorable programs to help corporate and other groups, from Beverly Hills to New York City and far beyond, to make their events incredibly successful, impressive, and just plain fun.

Mitch’s corporate clients include such notable companies as Merrill Lynch, Nissan Motors, Nestle, Morgan Stanley, Hallmark Cards, Caterpillar, RLI Corp., Horace Mann, Dean Witter Reynolds, Kraft Foods, and many, many more.

His performing credits in this country include Harvey’s Casino, Lake Tahoe; the Normandie Casino in California; It’s Magic show at the Variety Arts Center in Los Angeles; Brown’s Hotel, Loch Sheldrake, NY; Magic Island nightclubs in Houston and Newport Beach; Punchline Underground Atlanta; the Body Shop in Los Angeles; Wizardz nightclub in Universal City, CA; and he is one of the favorite performers at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the world’s most famous magic nightclub.

Mitch has been featured on the same bill with such notable celebrities as Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Elaine Booslier, Rosie O’Donnell, Marty Allen, Jeff Dunham, and Dennis Miller. And Mitch has also performed in Japan, Spain, Holland, Canada, and Mexico, and has appeared on television programs on Fuji-TV and NHK-TV in Japan and on the series, Aixo es Massa, on TV3 in Spain.

He is also author of the book, A Call to Magic – the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World, which is an encapsulation of his broad insights into being all that we can be and living a life of true magic and inspiration. 

In the central Illinois area where he is currently based, Mitch has become something of a local celebrity, with numerous appearances in all the local media, including over seven years as a regular monthly guest on WEEK-TV’s morning news program, News 25 Today.

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