Jason Alan

Looking for a NEW type of entertainment for your next event?

Searching for NEW options?

Something ENERGETIC and EXCITING that involves the audience?



As a “top Notch” entertainer, Jason grabs his audience’s attention from the beginning to end and makes believers out of everyone!

Enhance any event with a unique blend of Music, Comedy and MAGIC!!!

Jason’s ability to appeal to any audience type, not matter the age, is sure to stimulate for a fun filled occasion.

Although Jason’s show packs small, it plays huge!

Jason Alan Bio: Born at an early age in the small town of Salem, Ohio, Jason dealt with the same insecurities that most children experienced. Turning to sports, Jason was able to grow up an awarded athlete in his community. Set on competing as a professional athlete, his path would soon change. While visiting relatives in Los Angeles, a homeless man approached him while doing the impossible, making a pencil disappear. Instantly, Jason was infatuated with the art of magic and pursued his dream to become a magician. Now, three time award winning magician, Jason Alan travels the globe entertaining audiences, young and old, to rave reviews. Jasons Magic doesnt look like it will be slowing down anytime soon!