Brian Imbus

Brian Imbus is a master of magical entertainment ranging from Close-Up Magic to Stage Magic. Brian’s Close-Up show brings the magic up close and personal with the audience as his unique talents are sure to amaze even the most skeptical observers. He baffles audiences with card magic, vanishing objects, multiplying money, and moving things with his mind…all of this right in front of your very eyes!

Can this man read minds? This just one question you will be asking yourself after witnessing Brian Imbus Miracles of the Mind stage show. Brian’s high-energy performance will keep your audience scratching their heads with impossible displays of mindreading, magic, and illusion. Audience members are involved as predictions will be made, minds are read, and tables will float…all of this in one mindblowing show! This is not your traditional rabbit out of a hat magic show Miracles of the Mind is truly an extraordinary experience; the show is filled with quick-witted humor, unexplainable illusions, and incredible magic that will blow your mind!