The Incredible BORIS

INCREDIBLEBORISHypnotist Incredible Boris is a jet-setter and appears at corporate events worldwide. He is a corporate team-building leader, delivering a unique audience participation show, while incorporating positive messages into the presentation.

BORIS is the top Canadian and American showcasing artist and speaker. His area of expertise is comedy, hypnosis and power of suggestion. His medium of presentation is corporate entertainment – each show is different, while every show is unforgettable.
Boris boasts a reputation for flawless execution of delivering the company sentiment at business meetings and events – a perfect addition to a corporate pleasure retreat or an after-dinner gala entertainment that will be talked about for years to come.

Each show successfully combines entertainment value with a positive motivational and team building component of the presentation. Boris is a charming showman that captivates his audiences from the moment he takes the stage and delivers a powerful impact. Guests are treated to top notch entertainment and well crafted routines that deliver precisely the right message and motivate to succeed and exceed all expectations.

Experience the excitement and convenience of booking a show that uses state-of-the-art computerized system to enhance and complement the performance by providing instant musical numbers to give this one-man-show the feel of an elaborate theatrical performance.

Boris combines casual elegance of interpersonal messages with world class showmanship. The performance is easily customized to fit any theme or venue and attendees become the stars of the show that get to shine in front of their friends and colleagues.