Robert Berry

shapeimage_2Robert has been entertaining audiences professionally for over twenty years, as a magician, stage hypnotist and public speaker.

What separates us from the rest?

1)We focus on high energy professional level
entertainment. We have been performing hypnosis on
stages across the U.S. for over 8 years now. We have a
lot of reviews to show our customers satisfaction.

2) Our show opens with a dynamic laser light pre-show
and moves quickly into a highly engaging hypnotic
experience with new and original routines.

3) We focus on safety as well as fun. We use a certified
hypnotherapist on stage as a manager and an on
stage assistant, so you get two hypnotist for the price
of one. This keeps everything safe, fun & organized.
Now you can relax and enjoy the show.

4) We offer the fastest most powerful display of
hypnosis with a positive motivational message.

5) We provides a complete Bose quality sound set-up.

Robert has been featured on nationally syndicated radio, where he combines his talents in mentalism and hypnosis to astound audiences and capture the imagination of even the most skeptical.