Richard E. Darshwood

DARSHWOODDarshwood the Conjurer is a vivaciously charismatic entertainer who, since a very young age, has been warming the hearts of audiences with his delightfully animated personality and outrageous assortment of witty antics. A genuinely unique practitioner of sleight of hand magic, mind reading and hypnosis – Darshwood never fails to create an unforgettable experience of thrills and wonder with each and every single performance.

“Only a few minutes spent with this charming trickster provides an experience that will be talked about for years to come!”

The grandson of a Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus clown and nephew to a grand stage illusionist, Darshwood claims to have been born to perform and continues to uphold the family tradition by sharing the joys of comedy and wonder with everyone he encounters. Calling himself a postmodern magician, Darshwood has diligently studied the ancient art of prestidigitation in hopes of inspiring contemporary audiences with the cutting edge technique and sophisticated presentation that has made him a hero among peers, granting him active membership among two of the craft’s most distinguished fraternal orders – The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Society of American Magicians – who recently honored him with two consecutive People’s Choice Awards for Close-up Magic. Now, having studied in Las Vegas with some of the most innovative hypnotists in the world, Darshwood is heralding a new era of magic by incorporating the most dramatic elements of this elusive science to his act. He not only spends a great deal of time performing but also shares his wisdom in the trade as a consultant for other professional magicians, speaking at scholastic institutions about the relation between psychology and the alluring art of conjuring by exposing the mind’s natural tendency to be fooled by illusion and, in August of 2011, he even appeared as an honorary international delegate representing the United States at INDIA Jaal – a celebratory festival sponsored by Asia’s first Academy of Magical Sciences in Trivandrum, the luxurious capital city of Kerala, India.