Richard Barker

RICHARDBARKERRichard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist understands the uniqueness of his hypnosis production. It is fair to say that an amazing hypnosis show is like no other event you have probably ever planned for. The success of the hypnosis show is largely down to how the show is promoted, room layout and set up. Unlike magicians who use tricks with props and bands that use instruments and amplification, a hypnosis show is reliant on the environment and members of the audience. There are no tricks or gimmicks, it is pure ability to communicate with the sub conscious mind in an entertaining way. The show process begins long before the actual date of the event. The hype and advertising and sale of a ticket all play their part in kicking off the hypnotic process in the mind of a potential audience member. Everything must be controlled and is crucial to the success of the show outcome. You will receive a contract and technical rider that details our exact requirements and will help you and your staff when you hire Richard Barker.

The good news is that Richard Barker and staff are here to help you every inch of the way and will ensure you can produce an excellent opportunity for the show success at your venue. Again, please do not make the mistake of treating a hypnosis show like a comedy stand up night or live band because it is very different.