Pat Boulanger

9674267872_a4dbe56812_zThis former Marine from the south side of Chicago, now lives in Myrtle Beach and performs hilarious hypnosis stage shows, hypnosis demonstrations, performs “Game Show Mania”, conducts training events and speaks nationally.
As an entertainer who has literally performed for millions of people from all over the world, Patrick knows how to capture people’s attention and present concepts to them in new and interesting ways. He helped found, wrote, produced and performed in a hugely successful comedy concept in a major nightclub in downtown Chicago for over a decade.

“Comedy You Can Dance To” was a mainstay at Excalibur throughout the mid 90s into the mid millennium.

As one of the original “Bad Boys of Live Late Night”, Patrick took on many roles and has been blessed with a wide back ground that also runs deep as an entertainer.
Patrick owns and operates a hypnosis wellness company dedicated to “Teaching People Hypnosis For a Better Life”. Using 5 PATH, 7th Path and other intuitive based techniques, Patrick helps empower people with tools to transform their lives toward success and peace.

Patrick also performs award winning hypnosis stage shows and “Game Show Mania” nationally. “Game Show Mania” is a series of game shows loosely based on TVs most popular game shows and are often fully customized to personalize the show for clients. Many of them use this format for experiential learning opportunities or often times to promote products and or services. Audiences can use their cell phones to vote which skits the stage volunteers will be doing next. Not only is this the
most interactive hypnosis stage show but it is also very useful as the cell phone numbers can be captured to enable our clients to use the information for the most effective marketing yet, data marketing.

We offer the most unique entertainment and training opportunities.