Nadeen Manuel

NadeenManuelNadeen is an internationally renowned, distinct, and experienced hypnotist. She has traveled the globe inspiring, empowering and entertaining audiences with her seminars, live demonstrations and comedy hypnosis shows. Nadeen has hypnotized thousands of people and performed hundreds of shows, including cruise lines, corporations, colleges and private/exclusive events.

Nadeen is affectionately called the “Queen of Hypnosis” by her fans. Her show captures the imagination and explores the beauty of the mind while making people laugh and while showing them how to empower themselves by making permanent positive changes. The shows are not only fascinating; they are also original, revitalizing and empowering.

Nadeen is the epitome of trustworthiness and performs with integrity and a profound respect for her audience and especially her volunteers. She genuinely cares about her volunteers’ experiences on stage, always creating hilarious scenarios while maintaining her volunteers’ integrity and safety. Nadeen states, “My goal as a professional hypnotist is to create an experience that both the volunteers and audience will benefit from. Watching a show that makes you laugh from beginning to end allows people to forget their worries and is very therapeutic for everyone.” Nadeen adds, “When people are hypnotized; they are still in control, the hypnotist is the facilitator.”
[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]“Having trained thousands of stage hypnotists, I endorse Nadeen as one of the best ever. That is why she won our award of excellence. Her brilliant unique style keeps the audience laughing and the volunteers over joyed.”
Shelly Stockwell, Phd
President of the International Hypnosis Federation[/pullquote] When she’s not traveling the globe, entertaining audiences and delivering her inspiring message, Nadeen helps her clients remove fears and anxieties, reduce stress, increase focus, let go of negative habits, as well as lose weight and eat healthy in a comfortable safe environment.

In March 2010, The International Hypnosis Federation presented Nadeen with the distinguished Award of Excellence in Stage Hypnosis.

Audiences are surprised and delighted to see a female hypnotist, people are drawn to Nadeen because of her easy going nature that allows her audiences to feel more comfortable and receptive. Nadeen is well respected amongst her peers and is one of the most dynamic, successful stage hypnotists in the world today. She was born with the natural ability to bring out the best in others and has changed thousands of lives.