Mikey Angel

From Alaska to Florida, Mikey has had the privileged and honor of entertaining and performing to thousands of people both young and old. What makes him truly come ALIVE is his passion to entertain people and make them laugh! It’s that simple. He was born to entertain and has been making people laugh ever since he could walk and talk.


The Mikey Angel Comedy Hypnosis Show is what you want for your next event! Mikey loves to entertain audiences with complete strangers as his props…there really is no other form of entertainment like it. It has been said that Mikey’s shows are like a stage director doing a show on Broadway with 30 performers he has never met and they have never even read the script – because there isn’t one!


The Mikey Angel Comedy Hypnosis Show is a hilarious, fun, fast paced and tastefully delivered – one of a kind show where the volunteers become the stars of the show. After some comedy, magic and a short introduction to Hypnosis, Mikey says his key tag line, “Well…don’t just sit there…be in the show!” and the volunteers rush the stage in a mad dash to become part of the funniest shows on the earth. From the many who are on the stage, 30 lucky volunteers will be invited to remain on the stage. Through the power of suggestion, the cast of volunteers are rapidly hypnotized to being some of the best improv performers on the earth! Through “power of suggestion” Mikey creates a sense of heightened awareness that brings out the best in the performers. Throughout the show the performers role-play in various scenes and skits that are designed to have your audience doubled over with laughter!


Mikey uses his extensive knowledge of hypnosis, psychology, magic, and the theater to entertain at high schools, colleges, universities, fairs, corporations and festivals. Mikey says, “I truly believe the people who volunteer to come on the stage are my performers. They are the STARS of the show. I am merely the stage director, casting the right person for that perfect part.” It is this philosophy that makes the Mikey Angel Comedy Hypnosis Show truly unique and it also brings a different atmosphere to how the show is conducted.

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