Matt Dawson

MATTDAWSONMatt Dawson has been an active performer for over 20 years. Coming from a family of stage performers and musicians, he was born with the “bug” for entertainment. He got his start in his early teens in stage plays and musicals, working his way up to leading performances in theatres throughout the South. This eventually landed him a role in a television soap opera pilot. Other credits and pinnacles include filling in as a studio musician, performing for over 5,000 people at the Baton Rouge Centroplex and headlining First Night Columbus in 2006, Ohio’s largest organized New Year’s celebration.

Many years ago, Matt discovered the wonderful world of hypnosis. He spent some time perfecting his shows in small clubs and at private parties, gradually moving up to larger venues. His witty and fast-paced style made him a quick favorite for holiday parties and special events and he is proud to currently be one of the busiest hypnotists in the Midwest. Over half a million people have witnessed a variety of Matt’s performances.

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