Mark Maverick

Originally born in Manchester, England, Mark Maverick began his professional career 20 years ago working in comedy clubs and entertainment centers as a stage hypnotist and close-up magician.

His unique approach to hypnosis has demonstrated the powers of the human imagination in hilarious and energized shows that have thrilled and mesmerized audiences all over the world.

His first large-scale production show, The Mysteries of the Mind, was the first conjunction of hypnosis, musical theater, and stage illusions. The show combined enchanting creativity and production content with illusionary presentation to give the audience a new dimension in live visual entertainment. Mark has created and produced other shows such as Magical Mind Machine and Hypnotica.

Mark’s dynamic one-man show combines hypnotic suggestions with volunteers in funny situations. It’s fun-filled with exciting surprises based on interactivity with the various personalities.

Having performed thousands of shows for numerous colleges, comedy clubs, corporate events, and cruise lines, and with his trademark style and humor, Mark Maverick delivers an unforgettable show for any audience.