Kim Bromley

KIMBROMLEYThe Professor of Hypnosis, Kim Bromley offers a unique approach to stage hypnosis. In addition to being certified as a hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Kim is a practicing artist and Associate Professor of Art at North Dakota State University. Under his hypnotic influence participants discover their hidden talents. Always fun and educational, Kim offers a tasteful unforgettable performance using techniques taken from his studio classroom. Whether it is Picasso making a visit or a few rock stars dropping by to sing their latest, volunteers from the audience make the show. Kim has presented his show to a variety of audiences including universities and high schools. Whatever the occasion, Kim Bromley offers a truly entertaining, “on-the-edge-of-your-seat” performance!

During the past four years, Kim has also offered a *Creativity Enhancement Workshop* to universities, museums and art galleries. He, along with the NDSU Psychology and Theatre Departments, are on the hypnosis research cutting edge, studying the significance of hypnosis on creativity. Kim has presented his workshop at the “Creativity and Madness Conference” sponsored by The American Institute of Medical Education, the National Guild of Hypnosis Annual International Conference and the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities.

Kim has completed “The Masters Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar,” taught by the living legend and foremost authority on stage hypnosis, Ormond McGill and Jerry Valley, performer and teacher of hypnosis for over thirty years.