John Moyer

John MoyerJohn Moyer was born and raised in New Jersey, lives in Salt Lake City and has performed on stage in every major region of the U.S.

He’s a performer who knows his audiences and has been making them laugh for twenty years; whether as a stand up comic, solo on stage or working with an audience and volunteers during a stage hypnosis show. John makes a personal connection with the crowd, no matter who they are or where they are from.

High schools, colleges, comedy clubs, corporate events, along with numerous private events have appreciated and applauded John’s shows. The creative and motivating connection John brings to his audiences during his live shows, however extends well beyond the stage.

John is also a produced screenwriter, director and producer. As an actor, he has appeared in various television and film rolls and has made countless radio appearances.

In addition to being the class clown, from an early age, John Moyer had a serious fascination with hypnosis and how to tap into the power of the mind to achieve. Out of college and pursuing an entertainment career, before being on stage was a full time opportunity, John had quite a few day jobs. A lot of them sales; and anyone in sales will tell you the pursuit of postive thinking, goal setting and motivational programs are a make or break success tool.

John quickly realized the techniques he learned about achieving personal success could be applied to anything in life. Achieving a full time career in the entertainment happened for John because of the way he thought, what he believed and the way that deeply rooted programming shaped his actions.

Years later, John saw a friend peform a stage hypnosis show. The crowd was riveted and the volunteers hilarious. Recalling his childhood fascination with hypnosis, and because he dared to dream and knew he could do it, John dedicated himself to learning the craft of stage hypnosis. Capitalizing on his years of being funny as a stand up comedian and his dedicated professional approach, within a very short time, John Moyer has become a highly requested and very busy stage hypnotist.

In this show, there’s always entertainment and empowerment. Whether you are in the audience or on the stage, everyone has great time and gains the understanding of the power they posses within their mind to achieve their goals.

Backdropped by pop music and designed around pop culture, John’s hypnosis show has become a hit. Every show is different, but one thing remains the same: John’s ability to deliver for his crowd.