Jerry McLane

JERRYMCLANEJerry McLane is a hypnotherapist with twenty years of experience in his field. Jerry belongs to SHOW, Stage Hypnotists of the World, The American Board of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapists. Because of Jerry’s therapy background, volunteers, as well as the audience, can expect a safe, dignified, and hilarious experience.

Although based in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, “Have Show Will Travel” rings true for Jerry’s Hypno-Comedy Shows. He has entertained as far East as Oklahoma and New Orleans and points in between including Las Vegas.

Jerry has put together a combination of mentalism, hypnosis and comedy to both entertain and delight! Each show is slick, informative and polished. You will have a wonderful time on stage or in the audience. Jerry’s unique interaction with the volunteer stars makes the performance an unforgettable comedy experience for all.

Jerry maintains a private hypnosis service for behavior modifications such as weight and smoking control and stress management.