Freddie Justice

FREDDIEJUSTICEFreddie Justice is one of Minnesota’s Premier Comedy Stage Hypnotist filling auditoriums and banquet rooms throughout the Midwest with exploding energy and laughter. Trained & certified in both Stage Hypnotism, Mentalism & Improv Comedy, he brings a unique blend of hypnotic skills & comedy, adds a bit of music and prop humor, mix in a dash of volunteer personality, and the night transforms into a mixture of memories for all in attendance. Freddie takes pride in his reputation for his PROFESSIONALISM in the way he interacts with his clients & guests and the high quality production of the show. Freddie’s shows are appropriate for all ages and can be customized to fit your needs. And as an added value, where travel allows, Freddie brings his own custom designed sound system set for his specific show.

If you are looking for your entertainment to be high energy, fast paced and roaring with laughter, then The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show would be the right choice for you.

When choosing entertainment for your next event, make the RIGHT CHOICE…make the FUN CHOICE…make the most MEMORABLE CHOICE…make it the most PROFESSIONAL CHOICE…make it The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show!