Dr. Z

CaptureOne of America’s most sought after hypnotists
More than just a Hypnotist, more than a speaker Dr. Z delivers a premium entertainment value and a message of empowerment long after the laughter fades.

Make your next event a Huge Success!!!
The Amazing Dr. Z. Comedy Hypnosis Show is just what the doctor ordered to improve morale and encourage building within your organization, it will bring your event to the next level and beyond. To any event on your calendar whether it’s a convention, awards banquet staff appreciation, holiday party or fund-raiser.

Dr. Z’s presentations are hilarious, tasteful and inspiring. Unleashing the power of your subconscious mind!
Participants will: Open their mind to the power of positive suggestion, learn strategies to accomplish any business or personal goal. Eliminate self-doubt, fear, negativity and the stress they produceFor a crowd pleasing one-two punch of Entertainment and Empowerment. Book Dr. Z to unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and his Comedy Hypnosis Show!!