Dr. Steve Atwood

STEVEATWOODBesides being one of the most respected educators and pioneers in the professional field of hypnotherapy for over 15 years, Dr. Steve Atwood is also an Award-Winning, World-Class entertainer. He is considered by many to be America’s foremost Stage Hypnotist and in a league of his own. His love and reputation of blending humor and demonstration in his national educational seminars lead him to an invitation to design and perform at “Arizona Live”, a landmark comedy club in Phoenix, as a “stage hypnotist”, quickly gaining a reputation as being one of the most powerful and exciting presenters for Universities, Conventions, Meetings & Corporate Events.

He has appeared in Hollywood and toured with Las Vegas Live, in addition to numerous prestigious resorts, dinner theaters, and major night clubs. Today, Steve is one of the most sought-after entertainers for the college and corporate market.

Whether it’s an uproariously entertaining production at a University or one of his electrifying corporate banquet shows, Steve’s refreshing one-of-a-kind programs are not only hilariously entertaining but also intellectually stimulating.

Dr. Steve Atwood gives new meaning to audience participation and is truly a first class showman providing sophisticated, dignified, and uncompromisingly clean entertainment.

No matter who the group or size of your audience, no matter what the setting, occasion or purpose of your meeting, Dr. Steve Atwood’s mesmerizing shows will be a phenomenon your audience will never forget.

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