Dr. Mike

DRMIKEDr. Michael Kay, also known as Dr. Mike, began his career as a Chiropractor. While in practice he became interested in hypnosis. His intrigue led him to research and study hypnosis.

Dr. Mike entered a Physician Assistant program and after graduating joined a Neurosurgery practice and was awarded the title of Clinical Instructor of Neurological Surgery.

His passion for hypnosis continued until he was introduced to stage hypnosis. This was an incredible form of entertainment as well as an education for the public. Dr. Mike found that most people first experienced hypnosis in a stage Setting.

He then began studying stage hypnosis and became a certified hypnotist. Dr. Mike began performing for schools, libraries, and corporations as well as helping schools and clubs by setting up and performing at fundraisers.

Dr. Mikes passion for hypnosis continues to grow. He is currently the author of 7 audio products and a book about hypnosis. These help people improve their lives in many ways including smoking cessation and weight loss.

He has taught many people how to use self hypnosis to reach their dreams and goals. He has helped hundreds of people break their fears and phobias so they could live normal healthy lives.

Dr. Mike continues to learn and educate himself about the field of hypnosis. He enjoys helping and teaching others how to enrich their lives using hypnosis.

He also works personally with individuals as well as sports teams and athletes helping them in any area they want or need.

Dr. Mike believes the mind is powerful, and if you learn how to use that power you can attain any goal you set.

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