Cory Osborn


When you book The Osborn Experience, you get a comedy hypnosis show unlike just about any show you could book.

More Than a Man and a Microphone.

Hypnotist Cory Osborn has 20 years of experience entertaining crowds throughout the Midwest and beyond. He’s got experience dealing with crowds large and small, making sure they’re entertained and engaged.

More Than Cheap Laughs and Old Routines.

No barking dogs or clucking chickens here! We use modern music and pop culture events in our show. We’re constantly scouring the media and radio for new, updated subjects for our routines. Whenever possible, we use original material in our show so we can make sure we’ll deliver a unique show you haven’t seen before.

A side-splitting comedy hypnosis show, featuring a spectacular light and sound extravaganza rarely seen in comedy hypnosis.

The Osborn Experience is more than just a few skits thrown together. We provide a state-of-the-art professional grade light and sound show. No home stereos, no novelty lights bought at the local gift store. We use this equipment to provide a little slice of Las Vegas, right in your show room with content appropriate for your event.  You’ll be amazed as we use our light and sound show to enhance the performance and amaze your guests as they watch their friends hilariously explore the power of their own subconscious minds!

This is The Osborn Experience: Phenomenal Comedy Hypnosis.

This is what you get. The whole package. A hilarious comedy hypnosis show, enhanced by professional-grade sound and light show you won’t find anywhere else.