Brian Eslick

unnamedBrian Eslick provides unique entertainment and combines the fun of total audience participation with the incredible abilities of the mind. You will laugh and applaud your friends and family up on stage! You will see them as you never seen them before.

Brian Eslick’s dynamic personality and uncanny ability to use hypnosis in a fun, non-threatening way relaxes and involves everyone. It’s a fun show where YOU can be the star!

Brian Eslick is an extremely successful sought after talent. Originally from Huntington Beach, California. Brian has spent more then 20 years in the United States Air Force traveling around the world, and even served in combat during the Gulf War. Since the war in 1991, Brian has spent years learning about stress management and hypnosis. Brian learned the inter workings of Stage Hypnosis, he became a certified stage hypnotist and a certified stress management consultant from International Hypnosis Association. Brian set off to perform full time. Brian’s busy performing all over the country and is very popular with schools, fairs, and corporate events. He just finished staring in his own off-Broadway show at the Duplex theatre in New York City. You may have seen him on Fox 5 news, Channel 12 news, and has been featured on the Radio with 1440, Cool 101.7 and 89.1. He’s the author of Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Beat Stress and 4 other popular self-hypnosis audio programs. And has a new book out entitled “Inside Hypnosis”.