Brenda Kaye

BRENDAKAYEBrenda Kaye is a Certified Stage Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Professionally trained as a Stage Hypnotist in the entertainment capital “Las Vegas”. She is an internationally known performer, entertaining audiences on cruise ships from Alaska to the Atlantic Ocean . Her mesmerizing eyes and fun-loving nature brings mystery & excitement to the party. In addition to the comedy hypnosis shows & seminars, Brenda see clients at her private practice in Denver, Colorado. She has over seven years of experience working with and teaching hypnotherapy.

Passionate about the power of the mind, her advance training includes:

  • Smoking cessation
  • weight mastery
  • counseling skills
  • forensic hypnosis
  • fertility hypnosis
  • hypno-birthing
  • stage hypnosis
  • neuro-subliminal communication
  • powerful instant inductions.