Brad Clark

BRADCLARKBrad has developed a “Believe and Achieve” message that has helped to motivate people all across the country to make positive lifestyle changes. “If you can conceive it in your mind and believe it in your heart you will achieve it in your life”, says Brad. “The mind and the body don’t know the difference between imagination and reality; therefore if you can imagine it, then the body will start to respond to achieve it.”

After serving in the United States Air Force, Brad’s personality took him into medical sales working for many of the leading companies in the ophthalmic industry. The psychology of selling is where he began his interest in how people respond to others and their environment. He was Nikon Inc.’s salesman of the year three years running before coming off the road to build a business with his wife and family.

Brad enjoys working with young adults across the country in high schools and colleges to realize that even though they might not be conscious about the information they put inside their minds, all the information is being stored and is operating in their subconscious. “We are similar to computers in that our subconscious is like a hard drive, retaining all the information presented and operating in the background. Our conscious is like the desktop, bringing up the stored information when needed. That is why the music we listen to, the shows and games we watch and the people that we surround ourselves with are important.” He demonstrates the power of suggestion throughout his show.

Hypnosis is simply a state of mind in which the person is open to suggestions. Because the mind and the body cannot differentiate between imagination and reality the volunteers respond as though it is real.

Brads show is full of fun and excitement as he takes the real stars of the show to a tropical island where they enjoy the warm sun and beach. Of course a luau is a must with hula dancers and sometimes there are auditions for a movie being filmed there on the beach. All of Brads shows are customized to the event and can be enjoyed by every one of all ages. Holiday parties are great especially when Elvis as Santa Claus shows up. Brad always completes his show with post-hypnotic suggestions that keep the audience laughing long after the show.

Brad has traveled the country entertaining thousands of people with his Hypnosis Comedy show. You will never see the same show twice because every show has stage full of new entertainers. It’s all real and you have the opportunity to experience the state of hypnosis on stage or from your seat in the audience. Once the entertainers are hypnotized Brad guides them to far away places and lets them experience feelings, smells and tastes that bring smiles to their faces and yours. The laughter doesn’t stop once the entertainers are off stage, you will be amazed at the post hypnotic suggestions that last long after the show is over. “The mind and the body don’t know the difference between your imagination and reality” says Brad. This is what allows anyone from housewives to professional athletes to achieve what ever they can imagine. “I help thousands of people open up their imagination and visualize the things that they want to achieve and experience.”