Blaze Driscoll

Performers Take Part In The Edinburgh FestivalDynamic. Entertaining. Memorable.

Blaze Driscoll delivers high energy and impactful presentations wrapped in an entertaining format. Attendees leave feeling motivated, energized and inspired to use the tools he gives them for behaving their way to success in both their professional and personal lives.

As an author, speaker and popular entertainer at corporate and private events, Blaze incorporates his diverse talents into an interactive experience that is guaranteed to stimulate and simply “wow” attendees. His personal style puts audiences at ease and he meets with every client to ensure that the program is customized to achieve event objectives. Attendees leave with high-value support material that serves as a long-term reference for improving all aspects of their lives.

Blaze earned a bachelor’s degree in social work, addiction counseling, and psychology. He is a certified hypnotherapist and comedy stage hypnotist, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, neuro linguistic programming practitioner and stress management consultant. This eclectic background gives him the credentials to develop highly-stylized presentations on any number of topics while being able to relate to participants on a personal level.

Blaze is a frequent radio and television guest and has received numerous honors, including recognition as one of Mobilebeat Magazine’s “Dream Team” and nominee for “Best of 2007” by Minnesota Meeting and Events Magazine.