AnnaRose Anderson

AnnaRose is a stage hypnotist and mentalist from Dubuque, Iowa. While a student at Loras College, she overlapped her studies with intensive hypnosis training with one of the hypnosis industry leaders. Following graduation, she dove right into the stage hypnosis arena full-time and has since appeared in the high school, fair, fundraiser, college, corporate, and casino markets. Her hypnosis career also flourishes in the hypnotherapy side of that world, where she is certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. AnnaRose’s dynamic style allows for her to tailor the show for the direct needs of any group. Her show promises laughs, memories, and high energy. AnnaRose’s show is truly the ideal entertainment.

In addition to stage hypnosis, AnnaRose also conducts cognitive mind-mapping workshops in corporate and student settings. This workshop uses a tool that doesn’t put people into a personality specific box, rather shows them the box they are in and how to grow beyond it. It is the perfect event for personal and professional development with a fun entertainment style narrative and garnish.