Doug Thompson

DOUGTHOMPSONAfter being beaten numerous times and by numerous people Doug decided to find a way out of his predicaments. Ah ha, make them laugh…. Nobody wants to hit the funny guy. Wrong, they will still hit you. Doug honed his comedy craft at school, at home, in the bathroom, at the old folks home, in front of a mirror. Basically wherever he could get the attention he so desperately craves. Finally he decided to take his talent to the stage, to see if the masses thought he was as funny as his dogdid. To which they did, Doug won the King of Comedy contest for Eastern Iowa in the summer of 2008. From there it has been nothing but up, working with some of The nations best comics.

Growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was a great place to imitate the voices he always heard in his head. And to listen over and over to his favorite comedian Jonathan Winters album β€œ Jonathan Winters Wings It”. Whether the voices were telling him to shoot out thewindows in his grandma’s barn or to duck out of the way of his dad’s fist when he found out about the windows. Either way he has got vocal impressions down pat. What the hell does down pat mean. Doug will have you laughing with his interpretations of the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Life is funny sometimes you just need to take it in. He will tell you about the beauty of potty training his kids all way down to potty training himself when he drinks to much. Do yourself a favor and catch the show. You won’t be disappointed. And if you are disappointed go ride a City Bus. It Could Be Worse…..