The Swinger – David Scott

DAVIDSCOTTThe Midnight Swinger David Scott Call him cocky, call him confident, but never call him dull. The Midnight Swinger erupts onto the stage like the volcano in front of the Mirage Hotel in a fresh and original, over the top event that has been called “sharp-witted,” “clever” and “classy.”

Putting the show back in showman, the Midnight Swinger combines the style and cool of a ’60s Las Vegas performer with the flash and excitement of a 21st century Super Bowl halftime extravaganza.

More than just a stand-up comedian, the Midnight Swinger is proud to be called a throwback entertainer. That’s right, an entertainer!

The Swinger believes in more than just standing behind the microphone and telling jokes, and doing more than just a simple “comedy show.” The Midnight Swinger puts on a spectacle that leaves the audience LAUGHIN’, SINGIN’ and SWINGIN’. The Swinger always wears the sharpest threads no matter where he is performing, and stylin’ and profilin’ with an oversized pompadour. The Swinger will be the first to tell you, “Damn, I Look Good,” his battle cry before, during and after every show. The never subtle or soft spoken Midnight Swinger heats up the room as he puts on a classic Las Vegas style show filled with great comedy, music, singing and dancing. And when the show is over you will walkout with a smile on your face yelling DAMN I LOOK GOOD!

Looking to add a little excitement to your next corporate event? Then Look No Further.

The Midnight Swinger has performed his show for presidents and CEOs of companies such as Rockwell, Burger King and John Deere, to mention a few. The Swinger prides himself on learning about the company or group and writing material specific for that event. “I believe personalizing the show makes it much more fun and enjoyable for everybody. Some entertainers will just do their show, which is fine for them, but I want people to be talking about my show for days after. One of the greatest rewards is when people come up to me wondering how I knew so much about the company and was able to write jokes just for them.”

One of the biggest concerns facing hiring an entertainer for a corporate event is: Will they be dirty, will they offend the people at the event? The Midnight Swinger has been entertaining for over thirteen years, performing for crowds as different as the late show in Las Vegas to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Indiana. “It’s important to me that everyone have a good time, but I believe you can be funny without having to resort to being dirty.”

The Midnight Swinger’s Vegas-style show is the perfect show for any corporate event or gathering. Professional and reliable are just a few of the words some have used to describe The Midnight Swinger. Funny and outrageous are the words people have used to describe his show.