Comedy Sportz

COMEDYSPORTZComedy Sportz is an interactive comedy troupe similar to what you would see on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” the popular TV show hosted by Drew Carey.

There are several options ideal for Corporate, College and other special events.

1. OFF THE CUFF – 3 to 4 performers – 45 minutes to one hour (This show type is 90% of all our bookings). A team of our high-energy comedians hit the stage to demonstrate their gift of improvisational humor. The simplest suggestions, yelled out from the audience, become some of the funniest moments you have ever seen on stage. This show utilizes all the basics of comedy and maybe a volunteer or two from the audience. We will shop up at your event or meeting to make it the best time you’ve had in ages.

2. THE ALL STAR SHOW – 7 performers and a sound person – 90 minutes. Two teams improvisational comedians battle it out using only their wits. A referee officiates and fields suggestions from the audience. Judges from the audience award points at the end of each round. This fast-paced, high-energy entertainment will get any crowd caught up in the hilarity of on-the-spot comedy. You get six comedians, a referee, a sound person, and 90 minutes of non-stop excitement. we can easily sculpt our show to fit your needs.

Both options listed above are appropriate for any audience and is custom designed.