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Hypnosis Qs & As

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way of putting suggestions directly into the subconscious mind.

Why does it Work?
When trying to change a bad habit or improve in some area of life, the average individual only utilizes the conscious mind, which houses only 18% of a person’s total power, the subconscious has the other 82%. With hypnosis you use both the conscious and subconscious mind thus drawing upon 100% of the power available.

How Can Hypnosis Be Utilized?
Be hypnotized by a professional hypnotherapist
Learn how to hypnotize yourself
Utilize hypnosis Mp3s/CDs (works 85% of time)
(Reinforcement is the key to being successful, so learning how to hypnotize yourself or using hypnosis MP3s/CDs are the cheapest and most effective methods.)

What is the Advantage of a Hypnosis MP3/CD?
Besides being relatively inexpensive, 85% of all people who utilize hypnosis MP3s/CDs (even without being previously hypnotized) can realize a great deal of success in almost any area.

Are There Any Dangers Involved with Using a MP3/CD?
None at all, the subconscious mind is always in control and does not accept any suggestion other than those you with to utilize in bringing about positive change.

What Do The Mp3s/CDs Contain?
Each MP3/CD is formulated around its title and works to emotionally, mentally and physically condition you to be successful. All Mp3s/CDs have a complete set of instructions on our website to make them most effective.

Can More Than One MP3/CD Be Utilized At One Time?
Yes. It is best to utilize one MP3/CD for seven consecutive nights. This will establish the initial conditioning. Then, alternate up to 5 MP3s/CDs every other night.
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Hypnosis Instructions

How do the CDs and MP3s work?
As an individual listens to a CD/MP3, he/she passes from one brain wave state into another. While passing through the theta brain wave state a direct channel opens between the conscious and subconscious minds allowing the suggestions on the CD/MP3 to pass directly into the subconscious mind without conscious intervention. These suggestions are imprinted and cause a change in one or more habit patterns simultaneously. The new habit pattern(s) once established, becomes a permanent part of one’s behavior.

When are the CDs and MP3s used?
The best time to utilize a CD/MP3 is at bedtime. As the CD/MP3 is listened to, a person will pass from the beta into the alpha, through the theta, and finally into the delta, which is the deepest sleep state. Not only does one realize positive changes but usually falls asleep faster, sleeps more deeply, and awakens more rested. Many times the amount of sleep required by an individual is actually reduced. Even though change might come about after listening to the CD/MP3 once, 21-30 days are required for the CD/MP3 to have a total and profound effect on one’s behavior.

Are the CDs/MP3s guaranteed to be effective?
The CDs/MP3s work approximately 85% of the time. If after utilizing the CD/MP3 for the full 30 days, you have not seen a satisfactory change, please contact Dr. Jim Wand by E-mail and notify him.

Can more than 1 CD/MP3 be used at the same time?
Yes, as many as 4 CDs/MP3s can be utilized during the same period. The CD/MP3 considered to be the most important is used for the first seven nights, then the second most important the 8th night, the 3rd most important the 9th night, the 4th CD/MP3 on the 10th night, with this rotation following the remaining 21 days.

Are custom-made CDs/MP3s available?
Yes, a personal CD/MP3 can be designed and produced personally by Dr. Wand. Due to the amount of research and time involved with each CD/MP3 , a fee of $250.00 per CD/MP3 is required and a minimum of 4-6 weeks should be allowed for completion. If interested, e-mail your request including a brief history of the concern and what exact changes you would like to see. Once this information is received and reviewed by Dr. Wand you will then receive an e-mail response from Dr. Wand concerning the details and method of payment.
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