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College Entertainment

Professional Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand brings entertainment to any college campus when he performs his comedy hypnosis shows. Whether it’s for a student activity event, an educational program, or an event for your Fraternity / Sorority, Wand Enterprises is your source for hypnosis entertainment. Here at Wand Enterprises, we understand how difficult it can be to find the appropriate act for your College event. This is why Wand Enterprises provides a safe, exciting, and memorable experience for any event. Imagine your fellow audience members under the spell of hypnosis, interacting with other members on stage in an exciting and appropriate way. Hypnotism with Wand Enterprises is a perfect college activity for family oriented weekends, orientation, homecoming, late night activity, or any other special event.

Each artist is professional and willing to custom design his/her presentation to best meet the needs of your event.

One of the most overwhelming responses we’ve had for any hypnotist.

Director of Student Affairs / Penn State

Jim Wand and his tech guys were awesome to work with for the 25th straight year. We will definitely have him back.

Special Events Coordinator / University of Wisconsin

University and College Student Activities

If you’re looking for high quality hypnosis entertainment for your college event, look no further than Wand Enterprises. Hypnotism is the perfect way to both entertain and offer helpful suggestions to an audience. These interactive performances will make you look at hypnosis in a whole new way! Not only a safe environment, but College Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand ensures an audience appropriate performance, by using a rating system. These hypnotic shows are the perfect events for college students and their families to attend! If you’re looking to bring hypnosis entertainment to your college campus, look no further than College Hypnotist Jim Wand from Wand Enterprises.

  • Family Weekend
  • Siblings Weekend
  • Orientation
  • Late Night Event
  • Homecoming
  • College Educational Programs
  • Other Special Events

Fraternity or Sorority Event

An expert in hypnotism, comedy stage hypnotist Jim Wand can provide hypnosis entertainment for any Fraternity/ Sorority event. As a professional College Hypnotist, Jim Wand has been performing his hypnosis act at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Hypnosis shows are the perfect source of entertainment for:

  • Rush Events
  • Parents Weekend
  • Siblings Weekend
  • Homecoming
  • Mixers
  • Philanthropy Projects
  • Other Special Events
  • Motivational Educational Sessions

Each artist is professional and willing to custom design his/her presentation to best meet the needs of your event.

Self-Hypnosis College Educational Program

College is a Stressful Time for any Young Adult. Hypnosis Can Help!

College Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand from Wand Enterprises has been performing his self-hypnosis programs for over 20 years. Whether it’s incoming freshman or graduating seniors, College Hypnotist Jim Wand can ease anyone’s fears.

Over the past twenty years, Professional College Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand has been helping college student’s deal with the stress in their lives. During the seminar, he’ll instruct students how to manage their stress through a self-hypnosis program. At Wand Enterprises we understand that stress can have a negative impact on one’s life. This stress may increase the need for smoking, drinking, or other harmful materials.

During the hypnosis presentation he will use a helpful self hypnosis programs such as Be a Survivor, Fear Factor, and The Amazing Race. Each of these programs is designed to help students deal with the pressure of college. Here are some of the descriptions of the type of programs offered from Wand Enterprises, a self hypnosis entertainment agency.

Be A Survivor

Being successful as a college student is becoming more competitive every year. Test scores, class ranking, multi-tasking, social expectations, peer pressure, personal relationships, parental concerns and other added responsibilities can cause school to become a “hostile environment”. Learn how to survive and succeed.

The Amazing Race

College can be completed by crawling, walking, or running. The pace is an individual decision that many times dictates the entire future of those involved. Academics, sports, clubs, outside jobs, and other activities can cause a student to “shut down”, “drop out”, or “just skate by”. Develop the skills necessary to be more successful in the “race to the finish”

Fear Factor

Today, a college environment can be a place where fear is everywhere. From peer pressure, relationship issues, poor grades, lack of sleep, and inadequate skill development, just to mention a few, can cause anxiety in even the most stable of students. Learn how to identify and deal with these elements.

  • Targeted Audience: College students / staff
  • Audience Size: 100 – 2,000
  • Time Needed: 60 – 75 minutes
  • Facility Required: Any type of venue
  • Each program is totally designed to meet your needs.
Leadership Program

America’s Got Talent / Leadership Starts With Me

Almost all college students are provided an orientation experience to acclimate them to college life. This experience assists them in at least getting started in the right direction.
The process of developing leadership skills however, is usually left to the process of “self development”. Imagine what it would be like for one to be able to take a course on this very topic. The syllabus might read something like this:

The Principles of Leadership

  • Utilizing one’s potential in the interaction process at all times
  • Perfect public speaking skills
  • Learn how to read other people more quickly
  • Interpret both the verbal word as well as the non-verbal behavior
  • Initiate leadership skills in a diplomatic style
  • Become a leader who is respected, not feared or resented
  • Lead by example, control your emotions and channel the energy necessary to complete every task
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