Maximum Weight Control Seminar – Training Edition

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Trainers Edition – Max Strength Weight Control Management


Maximum Strength Weight Control Management – Trainers Edition

This program is:

  • Licensed
  • Appropriate for small, intimate home seminars for as few as 10 people, to large corporate events that can accommodate an unlimited number

The training package includes:

  • 1 hour of training with Jim Wand
  • All materials necessary to plan, schedule and conduct the seminar, including:
    • Trainer’s manual
    • Program outline
    • Program booklet
    • USB key with PowerPoint presentation and materials
    • Audio/Video sound files

The program outline and booklet includes:

  • Becoming thin self-evaluation
  • Facts about overweight people
  • Reasons to lose weight
  • Are you a compulsive eater?
  • Underlying reasons why a person is overweight
  • Hypnosis – the main component
  • What to expect when hypnotized
  • Reinforcement process
  • Hypnotic Induction

Weight management trainer program includes:

  • An explanation of the seminar process in detail
  • An explanation of marketing the seminar to:
    • Private events
    • Fundraising activities
    • Spas/Fitness centers
    • Corporate programs
    • Hospitals

Audio Materials

  • 2 reinforcement recordings
  • Hypnotic reinforcement recording (2 tracks)
  • Subliminal reading

CD reinforcement induction

  • Word-for-word transcript of what is on CD #1
  • CD #2 is subliminal

A license is included, allowing the buyer to reproduce with his/her name on the handout materials, and also gives permission to record the reinforcement CD in your voice. The buyer also can utilize this program as often and with as many participants form the date of purchase on.

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