Maximum Weight Control Seminar

My team has recently developed a new weight control program. It is structured to meet the mental, emotional, and physical needs of each person. It is a “hybrid program” utilizing proven methods combined with “cutting edge” techniques to enhance the effectiveness.
It is designed to be offered to groups from 10 – 500 and can be done in an individual’s home, small community venue, business location, or larger ballroom or theater.
The intention is to make a quality program available to both a small group of participants, including family and friends in a private setting to a seminar that would help fulfill the needs of companies of all sizes.
(If done for a company), weight issues affect the “bottom line” when it comes to the cost of insurance. This seminar can be utilized as a “stand alone program” or in conjunction with other options made available to employees.

  • Instructor: A qualified individual trained and certified by Wand Enterprises to conduct the entire program – training is also available for companies who want someone “in-house”, trained to offer this program as often as needed.
  • Time Needed: 75 – 90 minutes depending on the size of the group.
  • Materials Included: Program booklet, self-evaluation inventory, 2 hypnosis CDs and other reinforcement tools. Finally, a hypnotic session where everyone in attendance is hypnotized.


The advantages of this program:

    • The ability to utilize as a “stand-alone” program or in conjunction with any other weight management system.
    • The inclusion of hypnosis which utilizes both the conscious and subconscious minds, thus utilizing 100% of one’s potential.
    • A built-in support group with others attending the seminar. This adds an “additional element of encouragement” during the entire reconditioning time of 30-60 days needed to make lifetime changes and to develop the new habit patterns.
    • Two re-enforcement CDs, one that can be utilized during a “quiet time”, and the other, a “subliminal” CD that can be utilized at any time during the day or night, in conjunction with almost any activity.
    • All underlying reasons why one overeats and all linkages attached to the current habit


For more information inquire here or call 815-747-6954 and talk to Dr. Jim Wand.