High School Activities

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High School Assemblies

High School Hypnotist, Dr. Jim Wand, provides high quality hypnosis entertainment for any high school event. Whether it’s for an assembly,fundraising activity, project graduation, or post prom event, hypnosis is the key to entertainment.

“Year after year, you are the student’s top pick to return to Durango High School. Your enthusiasm, stage presence, entertaining program and strong alcohol/drug messages come together to impact our students in such a positive way.” – CO – Activities , Durango High School

Hypnotism is a great tool for entertainment, but it also provides helpful suggestions to students. With the increase of temptation and the peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol, Wand Enterprises knows how important it is to provide an alternative source of entertainment.

Whether it’s for Project Graduation or a Post Prom event, stage hypnotist Jim Wand guarantees satisfaction. Every hypnotist we represent uses hypnosis in a safe and age appropriate way. We never want any of our volunteers to feel embarrassed, hypnosis is meant to entertain, amaze, and educate.

Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand, the CEO of Wand Enterprises, has been performing at high school events for over 25 years. Each year he does over two hundred presentations and fifty percent of those are done at the high school level. During this all school assembly, he teaches and entertains at the same time, thus holding the audience’s attention.

Why utilize a “hypnotic Event” for your next fundraising activity?

  • Wand Enterprises provides a “Turn Key Approach to Fundraising”
  • Little advanced planning necessary
  • No “product sales” required
  • Unique approach to raising money
  • Fun activity that motivates your group members to work together
  • Attracts large audiences
  • Can be utilized year after year and never gets old
  • The attendance grows each year as the performance changes annually


Over the years I have presented more than 100 programs for High School audiences at State and National conventions. DECA, FBLA, FFA, Student Council, Business Professionals of America and Key Club are among the groups I’ve presented Keynote Addresses for. Through these experiences, I have come to one very important realization, “you have to capture one’s attention before he/she will listen and react”.

“You have some ‘magical force’ that not only mesmerizes the students and faculty during the performance, but has long lasting effects on the general school attitude long after the event is over.” CO – Activities, Eagle River High School

Action, Entertainment and Motivation with a message are key components to being successful with any high school audience. Thus, I have created two new Keynote Addresses utilizing this format:

American Youth’s Got Talent

Every school is diverse and unique in its own way. The educational environment for teachers, students and administrators need to be responsive to individual ethnic groups’ cultural values, practices, languages and other aspects of their cultural values. Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination can quickly destroy a healthy school environment. Culture awareness and diversity are becoming increasingly an important part of the total educational process. “Stop, watch and respond” to this diverse program.

The X Factor

Being successful as a student is becoming more challenging every year. Test scores, class ranking, multi-tasking, social and parental expectations, peer pressure, personal relationships, extracurricular activities and added responsibilities can cause school to become a “hostile environment”. “Tune In and Turn On” with new strategies and how to “balance the scales” of high school life.

Both of these presentations are fast-moving, include audience interaction and share messages and strategies appropriate for all high school audiences. The time required is 60-90 minutes, depending on schedule restraints, and can be altered to reflect any theme.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]