Dr. Jim Wand’s Hypnosis Show Testimonials

Deb Wicoff, CEO

Meckenna Bernard, Supervisor
   Wuxi AppTech

Paul Saffa
   J & D Peerless

Christy Seleness, Manager

Jean Grinkson
   Wuxi AppTech

Emily Garden, Director
   Charles City Chamber of Commerce

Marty Maiers, Director of Marketing
   Diamond Jo Casino – Dubuque, IA

Scott Thomas
   Buzz Entertainment

LPAC Students, Entertainment Committee
   University of Nebraska – Kearney

Tim Danube, Associate Dir. of Student Union
   University of Nebraska – Kearney

Kara Pupp, Dir. of Student Life
   Northeast Iowa Comm. College

Janelle Higgins, Assoc. Dean of Student Life
   North Platte Comm. College

Andy Kohn, Principal
   Randolph High School

Paula Bakken, Teacher
   Marshall High School

Jackie Drews, Teacher
   Randolph High School

Show Participants/Volunteers
   Fundraising Programs

Breanna Holbert, FFA Student President
   2017-2018 National FFA

Stephanie Posey, Principal
   Naperville North High School

Karen Quinn, Senior Adviser
   Naperville North High School

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Alex Davis, Player Development
   Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Jim’s show put our audience in a trance – literally! The show artfully combined practical hypnotic techniques with humor and fun. It was truly the perfect way to relax attendees before the event, let them laugh (a lot) and set the tone for the entire conference. Mind-blowingly entertaining!

Annette Diaz, Entertainment Coordinator
   Blue Chip Casino – Michigan City, IN

An entertaining and interactive show for our crowd. A good laugh that was appropriate for all ages.

Tom Danner, Student Council
   Western Dubuque High School – Epworth, IA

Jim, I am a graduate of Northwest Missouri University and teach at Western Dubuque. I recently received an alumni newsletter from Northwest. I thought you may be interested to know that they had a survey of their favorite entertainers. You were number 1 as favorite entertainer. You were ahead of Huey Lewis and the News and Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Congrats.

Dyanna B. Treat, Student Activities
   New Mexico Military Institute

The cadets really enjoyed the show, they look forward to it every year and the cadets, who had not seen it before, love it.

Barbara Rath, Student Council
   Morris Community High School – Morris, IL

Our student body loves to have Dr. Wand appear at our Spring Week assembly. He is the high light of our week! He never fails to amaze them, and that is why we continue to have him come back.

Janeen Dietsche, DECA Advisor
   Marshfield High School

Dr. Wand’s show is always fresh and entertaining. He does an excellent job explaining the hypnosis process to the audience. His onstage presence is masterful.

Tiffany Zarling, Student Council
   Keawskum High School

Jim Wand never fails to deliver hilariously funny, family friendly entertainment.

Paul. D. Fredrickson, Agriculture Dept. 
   Marathon High School – Marathon, WI

Dr. Wand does a funny show that starts out very informative. He is very assuring to all whom are concerned, and then he delivers a very entertaining show.

Marcie Zimmerman, Agriculture Dept.
   Oakfield FFA

Amazing show, definitely worth the time and effort to put on a show like this. Students absolutely loved it.

Matthew Reinders, Agriculture Dept.
   Loyal FFA – Wisconsin

T. H. is a junior and throughout the year his quiz scores in Algebra II at best have been B -. About an hour after being hypnotized, he took a difficult quiz that he was the only one of 2 students whom received a perfect score (the other always gets perfect scores) It was not an easy quiz and that was his first perfect score. I asked him about it and at times he stared at questions but the answer would eventually pop in his mind. Basically he could focus and find the answers better for the one quiz.

Lynn Mork – Assistant Principal
   Berlin High School – Berlin WI

I would recommend Dr. Wand’s program and also recommend to be a participant.

Brianna Gerecke, President
   Illinois College Student Activities Board

Dr. Wand was amazing to work with. The show far exceeded our expectations, and it left students begging for more. They can’t wait for him to come back!

Cindy Carter, Alumni Relations
   Highland Community College – Freeport IL

Dr. Jim Wand’s “Beyond Imagination” is a very funny, entertaining show, and you never know what is coming next! If you want to spend an evening laughing and relaxing with friends, this is the show to see.

Sarah Murphy, Student Activities
   College of Saint Mary

Dr. Wand was amazing to work with. The show far exceeded our expectations, and it left students begging for more. They can’t wait for him to come back!

Robin Welsh, Student Activities
   Penn State Schuylkill University – PA

The show is very interesting and is one of the largest events on our campus. We are looking into ways of accommodating more students at the event, since so many of our students wanted to see him perform. Our campus has used this performer for the last several years and has had great success.

Matt Grinder, Admissions
   Freed-Hardeman University

I have been fortunate to see Jim Wands performance several times. He never disappoints.

Allen Mullis, Student Activities
   Tennessee Tech University

Our venue is packed each year and students have a great time watching or being part of his show. The content is always fresh and Dr. wand continues to reinvent his show each year to align with the generation and audience.

Ernie Higgs, Student Activities
   Henderson State University

As always an exciting event that our students look forward to every year. This event has become our featured event for our Welcome Week.

Director of Student Affairs
   Bradley University

Jim is always wonderful to work with and puts on a great ‘hypnotic show.’

Rachel Bashor, Area Student Activities Coordinator
   McCook Community College

Dr. Wand does an EXCELLENT job of engaging and reading his audience. He keeps the audience laughing, keeps the hypnotized entertaining and overall is the best show we bring to campus each year!

Grant Winslow, Student Activities
   University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Congratulations, you have reached cult status at U.W. Green Bay. I think the reason the students enjoy your programs so much is that they know you are going to take them on a journey that is more than a show. It’s an adventure, and its one they get to be part of.

Stacy Kirchert, Student Activities
   Iowa Western Community College

Dr. Wand had the IWCC Student Body laughing during the entire show.

Steve Krafcisin, Student Activities
   DMACC – Boone

Dr. Wands show was terrific. Jim is very professional and the show runs itself. I would recommend Dr. Jim Wand to every campus!!!!

Danielle Miner, Residence Hall Dept.
   University of Arizona

Entertaining show that is a nice mixture of humor and psychology that will provide to be an enjoyment for all ages.

Kourtney Hughes, Student Activities
   University of Northern Colorado

Dr. Wands show was terrific. Jim is very professional and the show runs itself. I would recommend Dr. Jim Wand to every campus!!!!

Phillip Cannon, Student Activities
   Limestone College – SC

A show that both challenged skeptics and engaged the audience in over an hour of funny antics. Regardless of your situation in life, the show was bound to speak to you.

Tim Danube, Student Activities
   University of Nebraska – Kearney

His show is so entertaining because it is flat out funny! The situations of the students on stage and what they say to the suggestions is unpredictable, and I think the surprise of what is done really grabs you.

Jay Hicks, Hall Director
   USHA – United Student Housing Association – Warrensburg, MI

Jim Wand tailors his show to the comedic style of his audience. He is relateable to his audience and keeps them laughing and entertained all the way through!


Carly Uuskallio, Admissions
   Milwaukee School of Engineering – Milwaukee, WI

We absolutely love having you. In fact, I ran the survey numbers for week 1 and week 2 and you are the student’s favorite activity – out ranking laser tag and slip-n- slide.

Student Activities
   College of Lake County

Our programming year would not be complete without Dr. Jim Wand!

Program Coordinator
   University of North Carolina

Jim is a very professional performer who really cares about putting on a great show.

Student Activities
   University of Scranton, Pennsylvania

Absolutely awesome! Jim is one of the best hypnotic performers on the planet!

Stasia Tanzer
   NCC Naperville

First, Jim Wand is a very fun and easy to person to work with. Overall, he has the kind of personality that makes this show successful, and the skits he has the hypnotized students perform are always hysterical.

North Central CollegeNaperville

Julie Smith, Human Resources
   Community Hospital – McCook, NE

Dr. Jim Wand is a top notch, professional, talented and engaging hypnotist. He fully entertained our large group that included attendees of all ages and had everyone laughing. The feedback I have received from employees has been nothing but positive. To quote one employee, “Best party ever thanks to the entertainment provided by Dr. Jim Wand!” The bar for entertainment at our annual Christmas Party has definitely been raised!!

Carie Myers, Human Resources
   Demco, Inc.

Your show was once again amazing, amusing, and hilarious!

Lisa Beck, Executive Director
   DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce

Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful evening of laughter! I have only heard good things from the attendees.

Liz Utsinger

A show like this breaks down any pre-existing barriers and brings people of all ages and interests together for a truly fun and memorable experience


Karen Jordt
   Frontier Natural Products

Quality Hypnotism. Extremely Funny. Appropriate Content.

Amy Kelly
   Fremont Motor Company

Absolutely wonderful!

BriAnna Budde
   Shore Event Centre

The show was great! The audience was so engaged in the show and it was wonderful to see a “performer” such as Dr. Wand captivating the entire room. I have had so many people from the community say they would love to come back and see him again. I hope we can book another show in the future!

Jack Lister
   Delaware County Dairy Council

Jim Wand has a special ability to identify and pull the audience into the show quickly. The skits that Jim had us do on stage fit our audience and the laughter was loud and true from start to finish. Jim is a true professional that is a joy to work with.

Delaware County
Dairy Council

Gary DeVilbiss, President
   Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency

Your combination of professionalism, stage presence, and ability to improvise with whatever situation arose on stage was nothing short of impressive.

Sandy Larue
   Ductsox Corporation

Jim Wand has a special ability to identify and pull the audience into the show quickly. The skits that Jim had us do on stage fit our audience and the laughter was loud and true from start to finish. Jim is a true professional that is a joy to work with.

Bill Runyon
   AgReliant Genetics

Hands down, one of the BEST shows I’ve ever seen!

Director of Entertainment
   Saudi Aramco Oil

This is one of the very few artists who has been requested back for repeat engagements in Saudi Arabia. He has done 10 shows for us to date!

Director of Human Resources

Jim has been requested back by our employees for six consecutive year. Every show he’s done has been sold out!

National Sales Director & Event Planner
   SEI Investments

This program was the highlight of our regional sales conference. People are already asking when he will be back. Very entertaining without being embarrassing for any of the volunteers or members of the audience.  We will have him again.

Director of Personnel
   The Buckle

Just a few of the comments I’ve received after Dr. Wand’s performance: “awesome”, “unbelievable”, “amazing”, “the best entertainment we’ve ever had”, “bring him back!”

VP of Marketing
   Aegon USA

We have utilized Dr. Wand for numerous awards programs. He is always a hit.

Shari Pearl, Manager
   Boogie Nights, Evansville, IN

Jim Wand is a talented and entertaining hypnotist that is sure to please crowds of 5 to 5000 and customizes his shows to your requests or the crowd’s preferences.

Jennifer Feuerstein, Advertising Coordinator
   Hall Chevrolet – Mazda – VW

Our employees had a great time. The performance was a perfect fit for the audience. Thank you again for a job well done!

Jim Faltinek, President & CEO
   National Sporting Goods Association

My family, the NSGA attendees, and I thoroughly enjoyed the program in Tucson. Your performance was outstanding.

Charlene Hamer

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the show. Dr. Jim Wand and his crew were great to work with.

Bob Skow
   Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa

Laughter filled the room for the next 75 minutes as the group was lead through one hilarious skit after another. All material used was appropriate for the audience and actually tailored to meet the theme of the group.

Carrie Price, Director of Marketing, AVP
   Southern Bancorp

You were absolutely amazing! You were the perfect break for us during the day and people are still talking about it!

Cynthia Cepress
   Wisconsin County Clerk’s Association

This performance was talked about for the rest of the conference. THIS topped the entertainment at all previous conferences we’ve had, which is of course my objective!

Lisa Ramsey, Marketing Manager

Very appropriate for a business dinner but also very entertaining. We really enjoyed the misuc that went along with the show as well.

Bert Jenkins
   McLarty Automotive Group

Jim does a good job of controlling the room. His routine is diverse and keeps the crowd engaged and entertained at the same time.

Renee Dubberke
   Innovative Ag Services

I highly recommend Jim Wand and his hypnotist show. I guarantee you will have a great time!

Director of Human Resources
   Cooper Tires

Dr. Wand made our awards trip to France the ultimate experience for everyone in attendance.

Account Executive
   SDI Event Planning

Dr. Jim Wand is everything an event planner looks for and much, much, much more.

VP of Operations
   American Family Insurance

Dr. Wand has done at least 10 programs for different segments of our company. He has unbelievable energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to please his audience.