Announcing The Total Package and Christmas Sale!


Announcing “The Total Package” and a Sale for Christmas!

As we were looking at our online store, we realized that often times people have purchased multiple CDs or MP3s at a time. Due to feedback from our customers and overwhelming demand we’ve decided to offer ALL 32 of our self-hypnosis programs on one flash drive!

You’ll save 70% off the cost of buying the programs individually, and the flash drive comes in an attractive case that’s perfect for gift-wrapping!

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Christmas Sale!

We’re having a sale at the Wand Enterprises Online Store! CDs make great stocking stuffers and MP3s are great for your phone or iPod! Send them off to your family as gifts or keep them for yourself. All of our products are available in the online store as CDs or MP3 downloads.

Simply visit our online store here and use coupon code XMAS14 at checkout for your 25% discount!

iPad Mini draw


Well I know you all have been waiting patiently for the big announcement. Who is going to be the winner of the iPad Mini?  Wait no longer. The draw will be done this coming Monday, December 1st 2014.

Consider it an early Christmas Gift from me, Dr. Jim Wand, to you. Thank you for taking part in seeing my show this past Fall. We will be showcasing different promotional products throughout the year, so keep watching your phone for great deals and helpful tips.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Enhance Study Time & Skills

stockmarketgraphThe stock market has tumbled almost 1000 points in the last week. As a student, sports, clubs/organizations, jobs and other responsibilities limit your study time; many times resulting in grades dropping.

If you want to become more productive while studying less check out our study enhancement downloads here. Keep your grade point up well taking care of outside distractions.


Click here for the Education section of our online store!

Manage your health, study habits, sports performance and more with self-hypnosis!

Let Jim Wand help you become more successful, manage your health, and manage your studies all from the comfort of your home or dorm room!banner3 As studies become more stressful, overeating is often part of the “collateral damage.” If you want to manage your weight more effectively, check out our weight management self-hypnosis recordings here and here. If you want to “UP” your performance and off the field as a college athlete, we have a number of sports improvement downloads right here to keep you on top of your game. Are your class schedule, studying time, work assignments and other every-day tasks wearing you down and affecting your sleep cycle? If so check out “How to be productive on less sleep.” Don’t see what you’re looking for in the examples above? We have over 35 self-hypnosis programs and downloads in our online store. Take a look at our online store right here!

Getting the Mental Edge – Hypnosis for Sports Performance!

Do you participate in either competitive or recreational collegiate sports?brain

Do you have a difficult time maintaining the “mental edge”?

Would you like to enhance your athletic ability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions hypnosis might be your answer. I have worked with the 1985 Chicago Bears during their Super Bowl years; also, players from 8 different NFL teams, and a number of NBA stars. In addition, I have assisted UFC fighters and numerous other athletes to develop and maintain their own “mental edge”.

If Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Zach Johnson, Frankie Edgars or Terrell Davis are individuals you are familiar with, hypnosis has been a factor in their success.

You can do the same thing! Check out our store at the link below and see for yourself how one of my hypnotic sports performance MP3s can give you your own “mental edge!”

Click Here: Online Store – Sports Performance Category


I am having the time of my life – the Fall tour has started. So far we have done a show at NMSU (over 2500 in audience), and 2 shows last evening at UCM that had attendance of over 1000 in each show. We actually had to turn people away from the second show as there were too many for the venue to hold. Today we make our way to FMU for a show at 8:00 p.m. Take a peek at the waiting list for last evenings show.

Hypnotic Whirl Wind College Tour begins

I am very eager for my Fall Tour to begin. We leave this Saturday, and will be gone for the next 72 days, to do 60 College and University dates through out the United States. I am excited about some new features we will be adding to the show including the ability for students to contribute show ideas during the performance,We will also  be offering some great giveaways including free hypnosis downloads and an iPad Mini later in the Fall. Stay tuned for more info. See “you” all soon at a college near you !!!



This past week I spent an incredible   time with over 800 of my Sigma Alpha Epsilon Brothers, as we cruised to the Bahamas. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with each and every one of them. Every year this Leadership School gets bigger and better. I spent alot of time doing Instant Inductions and I know that everyone enjoyed being “DROPPED” instantaneously down into that wonderful state of relaxation !!! The seminars were great, the show Thursday evening was off the charts, and I can’t wait for next year to do it all over again.