Update on Fall Tour

My fall college tour is going great. I just love to work with programming boards, their advisers and the wonderful students who attend the performances. So far I have been in 14 states, completed 43 performances and entertained tens of thousands of people. I look forward to the remainder of this month and especially October 31st when I will be doing 4 performances “back to back” at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Ky. Each audience will have an audience of 2000 plus young people and advisers from all over the country. With being a former FFA member and lifetime member of The FFA Alumni, I have been involved in this event for over 20 years and enjoy each and every performance. The rest of the fall will be spent continuing to perform on numerous college campuses, casinos, conventions, and corporate events. What a great way to make a living, entertaining and educating at the same time. Have a great day!

Fall is coming…

August is a busy month for myself and Wand Enterprises.  I start off with a week at sea with the SAE leadership cruise, then I start my summer/fall college tour of 60 schools in approximately 90 days in 30 different states.  Presently, we are working on new music, current trends, and a variety of skits that have a “high attraction” to the audience we are performing for. Typically, I like to throw something on my Facebook page before and after each event to highlight what could and did happen.  Be sure to keep updated on it by ‘liking’ the page here: Jim Wand’s College Facebook Page. Hope to see you all there!

Summer is here!

WOW! June is already half over, where does time go. I just got back from attending the HypnoThoughts Live convention in Las Vegas. Over 300 hypnotists from all over the world converged on the New Orleans Resort and Casino to learn, be entertained, and create and renew relationships with others in the field. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, spend time with Kenda Summers – “The Northern Entrancer”  from Canada who I am mentoring and visit most of the live hypnosis shows playing in Vegas at the present time. I am amazed at the interest in stage hypnosis by most of the attendees and was constantly bombarded with questions which I was more than happy to answer. In my estimation there will never be enough qualified “stage hypnotists” to “spread the word and share the joy” of what this wonderful world of entertainment can provide. I was very impressed with the organization of the event, the knowledge of the speakers, and the many resources that were made available to those in attendance. I would highly recommend anyone in the field of hypnosis attend next years’ event. Have a great summer everyone!