All The More Reason To Celebrate

It has been a busy week here at our office in Illinois. The absence of shows has not stopped our workflow in the slightest. We are constantly going over our Covid-19 show safety plans and continually reaching out to venues for shows this coming fall. To our excitement (but not surprise), everyone is looking forward to getting back to the usual groove. This including everyone’s enthusiasm to get back to the stage to see hypnosis shows.

This has indeed been an upside down year. As well all know, the current pandemic has slowed down everyone for the entirety of 2020 thus far; however, schools are planning to reopen with virtual, partial-virtual, or in-person classes, stores are opening with their social distanced lines, and people are getting back to work. This is all the more reason to celebrate this winter with a holiday party for your company.

I am positive you are just as eager as we are to continue on with our holiday hypnosis show tradition. This gives you all the more reason to start booking early. As you can imagine, our schedule is quite open; but do not let that fool you. The longer you wait, the quicker the calls will be coming in and all those preferred dates will be booked!

Depending on what Covid-19 Compliance laws your state has, or even your company’s preference, we have a fool proof social distancing plan for our shows. Our plan adheres to any Covid-19 Compliance statures and CDC regulations to insure everyone at the show is safe. This way we can all safely distance and avoid passing on any unwanted viruses while still being able to see our co-workers dance, sing, scream, and laugh away on the stage!

Call now and reserve your spot for a holiday hypnosis show sooner than later. Like I stated in the aforementioned text, those dates will fill up.

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” – Vincent Van Gogh

We look forward to hearing from you.

– Jim