Sometimes The Only Way Forward Is To Go Back

We are all too aware of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that postponed all our plans for this year and the next. Educational institutions shortened their academic year, summer vacation planning was all for naught, and nearly all entertainment came to a grinding halt. For myself, specifically, the thrill of the stage has been put on hold while my team and I put together a new plan for hypnosis shows in the coming post Covid-19 era.

While this is the longest amount of time I have had off in almost thirty years, there has been no ‘hardly working’; only working hard. In addition of my newfound free time, I have had plenty of time to reflect on where my life and my career should go next. In that moment of reflection, I realized that sometimes the only way forward is to go back.

As many of you may know that I started off my hypnosis career all those years ago in hypnotherapy. This fall, I am going back to my roots and starting up a new office for hypnotherapy, with a new title: Unconscious Mind Coaching.

At my new office alongside Hypnotic Solutions, the doors will be open to clients from near and far. For those of who are not aware, hypnosis is not just used for entertainment on the stage. Hypnosis can be used for aid in weight loss, quitting smoking, stress and anxiety relief, ADHD, grief, enhancing athletic and academic skills, substance abuse, memory, concentration and motivation, et al. In the span of just one or more sessions, your dreams can become a reality. We are offering both in-person AND virtual sessions.

Be on the lookout for the Grand Opening date. It will be posted once we finalize everything. We look forward to seeing you.

Remember, in your mind and in your heart, you are the one, the only one, that can do it. The only one in control of your life.

– Jim