New news at Wand Enterprises!

Well, I am sitting in the Miami airport going over the past week. What a great week. This was my 10th year doing my stage show for my SAE Brothers, on the high seas in the Caribbean. I truly looked forward to reconnecting with everyone at the SAE, the speakers are brilliant and I am always learning something new and sharing my ideas about goal setting and success with others. Dr William Dorfman, The Celebrity Dentist had a truly amazing story to share and is now a brother of SAE. I hypnotized over 150 brothers individually beside the stage show for over 1000 fraternity brothers and guests and am looking forward to visiting chapters across the country during the coming months. I am home to recharge the batteries, then off again on my fall tour. This is when my “New Year” starts and things start to get crazy. I will be doing 60 schools in 75 days, covering 12 different states. And that is only the beginning. By the time May 2016 comes around I will have completed over 200 dates. I can’t wait to get out there and see everyone again. I am also very pleased to announce that I will doing another stage training class in California. It will be hosted by The NewPort Clinic, with is run by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark. Dates will be February 26 & 27th, 2016. Scott will also be making a special guest appearance. I also have some exciting news; I am very thrilled to announce a new addition to the Wand family. Matt Davis a Baltimore, Maryland native. You may know him from 98 Rock Baltimore, where he hit the airwaves every day. He is also a stage hypnotist. Matt will be coming on the road with me being my right hand man. He will be helping me with over 200 dates, and I will be helping him by tightening up his show, and getting him ready to take on a whole bunch of new dates. I am slowly changing directions with my current work load, and hoping to be doing more sea work. I am also very pleased with the theatre we have opened up in Galena. So far we have had 6 guest hypnotists do shows there, and every week we are seeing more and more people come out to check us out. If doing a training here with me interests you please feel free to drop me a line. Finally on a more personal note I have pleased to announce the additional to my family, Stella, a three month old puppy who truly is and amazing “little girl”. She will be making appearances here and there with us as “THE HYPNO PUP”!
Take care, stay safe, and most important have fun!