4 – 8 month Internship

We are offering an 4 – 8 month Internship position with Legendary Hypnotist Dr. Jim Wand. We are looking for an individual to go on the road with us, someone Jim can teach the hypnotic profession too. Once the person is trained, paid engagements would be arranged as part of the Internship.

If you would like to become a stage hypnotist or improve your existing stage hypnosis skills ~ Wand Enterprises is looking for you.

Jim Wand has over 25 years of full time stage hypnosis experience, at least 10,000 performances and earnings of well over 10 million dollars in performance fees alone. With experience in just about every market including 40 straight weeks on a cruise ship, partnerships in two very successful comedy clubs, almost 1500 corporate dates, over 3000 college dates, and another 5000 performances at high schools, fairs and festivals, casinos, and fundraising activities, Dr. Wand is one of the most prolific stage hypnotists performing today.

We also have just opened a theater in Galena Illinois that would also be utilized during the Internship..

Qualifications to be considered include:

  • Must have a Driver’s license
  • Clean driving record
  • Be able to drive long distances and handle long hours.
  • Stage experience of any kind
  • Be able to relocate to the Midwest
  • Work independently
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Great people skills
  • Easy to get along with
  • Be motivated, passionate and mature
  • Be able to fly. (In a plane of course)

For the right individual, this internship could turn into a career including representation by Wand Enterprises.

Please forward your resume to jimwand@hypnotism.com