Spring Ahead!!

Well after this weekend, the days begin to get longer. Snow starts to disappear and we begin to get excited about the bad weather leaving us and the warm sunny days becoming more and more of a reality. I had a fabulous winter with lots of great gigs. Travelling gets easier for me and my crew as we don’t have to worry about the bad weather or ice on the roads. People always want to know when I am performing locally – April 4th – I will be at the Diamond Jo Casino @ 8:00 p.m – Tickets available at the Box Office. I am also hosting a training seminar – March 29 – April 4th , The Powerhouse Summit– along with two other fabulous hypnotists Sean Michael Andrews (Germany) and Richard Barker (Florida) – for more information on this training, drop me a line @ jimwand@hypnotism.com. The 3 of us will also be hosting 3 nights of Hypnotica starting April 1 – April 3rd @ 8:00 p.m. – featuring hypnotists from all over the world. Great place to go and have some fun with a bunch of great folks. And the cost at these 3 nights is absolutely FREE!!! Hope to see some old friends there, and can’t wait to make some new friends.