Vegas, New Job, New Direction and Sean Michael Andrews

Huge Congratulations are extended to  Adam McDermott our IT specialist on his new job in Des Moines Iowa. It was the first business to interview him and hire him all within a 24 hr period. “Way to go Adam”. Lots of exciting things planned for Vegas and Hypnothoughts Live – where I will doing a performance at “The Orleans Hotel & Casino” with the assistance of Austin Riedl and Kenda Summers. After doing my recent performance for “The Foundation”  in Colorado Springs I realized how much I missed the Motivational Seminars I specialized in early on in my career. Thus, I am working on “revisiting” this aspect of my professional endeavors. I mentioned in a previous blog post about a special person I will be joining up with. I am very happy and proud, to announce that Sean Michael Andrews  – “The World’s Fastest Hypnotist” and myself will be joining forces and teaching others what we enjoy and live everyday – “HYPNOSIS – more information to be released shortly.